Lindemans and Mikkeller launch "SpontanBasil"

Monday, May 4, 2015 — That lambic is a versatile beer needs no further explanation. We have yet to discover where its limits lie. And new boundaries is something that the 'gipsy brewery' Mikkeller likes to go searching for. And so, one day they knock on the door of Brewery Lindemans. The result? SpontanBasil. An authentic old gueuze beer with fresh basil and a surprisingly fresh taste.

'Sour is the new bitter'
Bitter beers are still popular. IPAs and dry hopped beers have never been so numerous in our stores. Meanwhile, interest in ‘sour beers’ has grown worldwide and Brewery Lindemans has seen demand for its lambic beers rise significantly. The expanded production capacity enables Lindemans to respond to this new trend by developing new, creative products. Always showing full respect, of course, for the traditional lambic beer.

"The Belgian Lambics have something mysterious about them," says Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, founder of Mikkeller. "The spontaneous fermentation process adds to that mystery. We have been experimenting with pretty much all beer styles, and finally we got to work with Lindemans lambic!"

The quirky result of collaboration between Lindemans and Mikkeller will be available from mid-May in a limited edition of 25,000 75 cl bottles through better beer retailers and Delhaize.

"SpontanBasil has become exactly what we had in mind at our first exploratory talks," says Geert Lindemans, General Manager of Brewery Lindemans. "It is a complex but surprisingly refreshing lambic, perfect as an aperitif or as a companion to a delicious (summer) dish."

Beer and food are increasingly being linked. Restaurants understand more and more that not just wine can be a good companion for a dish.

"As a Belgian I am particularly proud of our beer culture, and that is also reflected in my extensive beer menu and experimental cuisine," says Vincent Florizoone, head chef in the Grand Cabaret restaurant in Nieuwpoort and a pioneer in cooking with beer.

"When Brewery Lindemans asked me to create some dishes that perfectly fit with their SpontanBasil, I did not hesitate for a second to get to work."