Combine car-free Sunday with the very best of Brussels’ Art Nouveau and the Zenne valley’s green lungs

  • Perfect and healthy getaway during car-free Sunday on September 17th for families and/or friends
  • A 19km track between Brussels and the brewery (38km outward and return) will guide you past some of the most beautiful Brussels Art Nouveau treasures, combined with the unexpected natural sceneries of the Zenne river valley.
  • Completely free of charge, including a visit of the brewery with, needless to say, a tasting. Those who register beforehand will receive a present.

Car free Sunday –September 17th 2017

Car free Sundays have a major positive impact on air pollution. Brewery Lindemans is more than happy to contribute to initiatives that underline this message, as unique microorganisms in the air of the Zenne valley and the Pajottenland are the main reason why lambic beer can only be brewed in those regions. Since the previous edition was a huge success, Lindemans set up a brand-new track for this year’s edition. Participants, buckle up for a unique bike tour covering Brussels’ architectural Art Nouveau treasures in the city centre, combined with the lush green landscapes in the “Zennevallei”.

The 19km track between the centre of Brussels and the brewery (the complete loop is around 38km’s) goes two ways: you can start the tour in the city centre (Poelaertplein) or at the brewery. Participants can visit the brewery and enjoy some of Lindemans’ unique lambic beers, completely free of charge. We advise people to register beforehand, since those who do get a little extra something. Plus, Lindemans promises another gift for participants who attend the Lambic Tour dressed up in Belle Epoque style!

You can register here:  

In Brussels…

… we will await you at the Poelaertplein at our Lindemans truck will, where you can have a taste of our legendary lambic beers. Don’t forget to take a selfie with our Belle Epoque artist on stilts!. Lambic tour’s departure from the city centre will take place between 9.30 a.m. and 1 p.m.

In Vlezenbeek…

… our brewery is the place to be. A visit including tasting will be offered without charge. All visitors are welcome between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., But those heading to Brussels, better get cycling before 2 p.m.

To keep track…

… brewery Lindemans will provide direction arrows throughout the whole tour, supported by prints of the track and a .gpx file to download to your devices.

Arne Van Ongeval yourside