Two-fold increase in brewing capacity and staff

Brewery Lindemans expands to meet exponential growth in demand

Tuesday, April 28, 2015 — The history of the Lindemans brewing family started in 1822 when Joos Frans Lindemans married the daughter of the owner of a brewery-farm in Vlezenbeek. To provide work for peasants during the winter months the larger farms in the region used to brew lambic beer. This required wheat from the farm’s own fields and water from its own wells. Over time and success, agricultural activities decreased as the brewery developed. Today another milestone has been reached in the rich history of Brewery Lindemans. Its production capacity will be doubled to 170,000 HL, which will certainly benefit employment in the region.

Anno 2013

The brewery is full to the rafters with barrels. Demand from abroad for Belgian lambic beers continues to grow. It is not just the fruit lambic that is enjoying great success. At the height of the popularity of bitter beers, Lindemans has seen a growing interest - mainly from abroad - in 'Sour Ales', a category which features lambic and gueuze prominently.

For six generations the Lindemans family has mastered the mysterious process of brewing lambic, namely spontaneous fermentation. "Brewing lambic implies specific problems," says Geert Lindemans, owner of the brewery along with his cousin Dirk. "Other beers leave the brewery within a few weeks, lambic brew on the other hand remains at the brewery for one year at least... often many years. A substantial expansion of our storage, filling and packaging capacity was therefore needed. 15 million euro of investments and two years later, we are proud of what we are inaugurating today. "

Anno 2015

Expansion has had the desired effect. Under the new roof there is now a brand new bottling plant for 25 cl bottles, a lot of storage capacity, a new reception area and offices. The brewhouse, in the old part of the brewery, remains the brewery’s beating heart. The cooling tray has also remained intact. This is where the most mysterious aspect of lambic brewing happens: the local microflora add wild yeast to the wort as it cools. The filling of the 37.5 cl and 75 cl bottles remains under the roof of the old production line.

Cuvée René Special Blend 2010

A brewery would not be a brewery if it did not celebrate this festive moment by introducing a millennium brew. The Cuvée René Special Blend 2010 is an exclusive blend in which 10,000 litres of old lambic - aged for five years in oak barrels called foudres - are blended with a small quantity of young lambic. This unique beer then ferments in the bottle for a few months. This Limited Edition has restricted availability (only 15,000 bottles worldwide).

About the Lindemans lambic brewery. Since 1822 the Lindemans family has been brewing lambic in Vlezenbeek, a village in the heart of Pajottenland. The small locality of Vlezenbeek has a major asset: it has an exceptional microflora. The valley air is full of hundreds of characteristic wild yeasts, of which the best known are Brettanomyces Bruxellensis and Brettanomyces Lambicus. These unique micro-organisms allow the Lindemans lambic brewery to brew a beer according to an exceptional method: spontaneous fermentation, also known as natural or wild fermentation. The Lindemans family has always remained faithful to the original artisanal brewing processes. With 32 employees – our adopted family - it has worked hard to build (inter)national success.

Lindemans has become an established name in the international world of beer: the brewery is now the largest independent family-owned lambic brewery. In 2014 Lindemans produced over 86,000 hectolitres. 55% of production is exported to some 45 countries including the United States, France, the Netherlands, Russia, China and Japan. In recent years, foreign sales have increased sharply.

The juries of numerous international beer festivals and competitions have shown their appreciation for the Lindemans beers. This is evidenced by the numerous awards that came their way in recent years.

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Special Blend 2010